3 Delicious Meals To Try In Edo State

3 Delicious Meals To Try In Edo State

Edo State is a state known for rich culture, values and traditions.

That’s not all!!!

It is also know for its tasty and delicious meals.

Some meals are synonymous to Edo people, they can be eaten any time of the day. If you are visiting Edo State, it is quite important that you just don’t go for sight-seeing, but also have a taste of their delicious meals.

Here are 3 meals you should try in Edo State.

1. Owo Soup

This is the arguably the oldest prepared and eaten soup by Edo people. it was named after ‘Owo’. The soup is usually thick and bare, compared to other Nigerian soups like vegetable soup. The Bini Owo soup requires cooking with potash, stockfish and it is best served with yam or unripe plantain (oghede).

2. Black Soup

This is the most popular Edo state soup, referred to as omoebe soup. It is a tasty soup made from local herbs, bitter leaves, and spices. It is highly nutritious and can help reduce calories. It is best served with pounded yam, eba or semo.

3. Omisagwe Soup

Omisagwe soup can also be referred to as groundnut soup, it is a very popular soup in Edo State and even the tastiest. It is easy to cook, a perfect blend of sweet and savory, usually made with groundnut, tomato, onion, chicken, fish, and vegetable. The groundnut makes it easier to imbibe the meal and it is usually served with pounded yam or starch.