3 Things To Do This Weekend In Benin City.

3 Things To Do This Weekend In Benin City.

The Benin City National Museum is located in the city centre on King’s Square also known as ring-road. The Museum is popular for artifacts from Benin Empire such as bronze figures, cast iron and lot of ancient historical artifacts. Best choice of enjoying weekend with family and friends and It gives us an amazing opportunity to learn more about our great city.







Igun street is recognized as world heritage site, with shops displaying bronze and wooden art for sale. Located at sakponba road, right in the heart of the Benin city.

The beautiful thing about visiting Igun Street is that, you don’t need to spend or buy anything if you can’t afford it but it gives us the opportunity to experience and see where our ancestors have been or worked that feeling is beautiful.








Holy Aruosa is one of the oldest church in Nigeria and Africa. Located at Akpakpava road in Benin city. Church service is conducted in Edo language. Great worship place to learn and experience our great city.