Can Edo State be a tourist destination?

Can Edo State be a tourist destination?

Edo state, like many other cities around the world is ready to be a tourist destination. What is the definition of tourism or tourist? Tourism can be defined as; people who travel for pleasure or for business outside their country, tourism can be domestic (travel within the traveler’s country) and international tourism. A tourist is a traveler who visit places for pleasure, holiday activity and interest.

                            DIFFERENT TYPES OF TOURIST


Edo state can benefit from tourism, like many other countries around the world. Tourism has the potential to positively affect our economy through value chain, which impact agriculture, manufacturing services, creative and cultural industries.

Many activities such, as Edo Heritage month, Edo food festive, Igue Christmas market etc. can boost domestic tourism and highlight our diversity culture.


Cultural Tourism: Edo state is bless with a beautiful culture and tradition and has the potential to profit from it. Cultural tourism is when people travel, with the main intention of experiencing and learn a particular culture. This can include many activities such as; festivals, traditional cuisine, heritage, monuments, spiritual healing, traditional palace, city museums and cultural centers.

The benefit of cultural tourism is that, it gives the people an opportunity to benefit financially from their cultural heritage and create new jobs. Cultural tourism can help to strengthen identities, intercultural understanding and appreciation.

Sports tourism: Sport and recreation tourism has great potential like many other tourism. The simplest definition of sport tourism is when a tourist travel from cities or counties in order to participate or watch sport.

Edo state can benefit from sport because it creates opportunity to branding our city, infrastructure development and other economic and social benefits.

Direct spending by sports tourists at host facilities, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues and it also stimulates the local economy. Create jobs and earn tax revenue to the host communities. Sporting events may also improve the image of the state.

RELIGIOUS TOURISM: religious tourism is the type of travel that people travel for religious belief or spiritual belief. Religious tourism is like every other tourism that each state can benefit greatly from. Religious tourism can be motivated by art, architecture, history, and personal ancestry.Some people can find holy places interesting, whether they are religious or not. In every church crusade or church conference, that religious organization holds there is financially benefit for the host state, such as accommodation, transportation, food and other services offered depending on the tour purpose. Religious tourism plays an important role because it brings income to both the state and the local population of the visited territories.

MY CONCLUSION: With so many tourism opportunity to benefit from, tourism can be the next oil that our city should look into; we have the population, nice weather and rich heritage.  Have your say and let us know what you think…