Coronavirus is a virus that causes respiratory infection and it can lead to illness or death. The diseases you get from Coronavirus is called Covid- 19.

Coronavirus is something on everyones mind and people are afraid and hoping that. it goes away as soon as possible. It has become a nightmare for many families across the world.

As I sat down at home and waiting for phone calls and hoping to get updates about what is happening at my place of birth and I can’t stop thinking about families back at home, just like so many of us here in Europe and around the world, wondering and worried about our loved ones in Edo State and every state in Nigeria, hoping they are getting good information that will help them pass through this scary times.

Everyone seems to be talking about COVID-19 but many haven’t really ask or care about who is at risk or what they can do to help. The question that should be on our heart is, how do we care for our love ones that is at risk and what should we do.

Let’s use the moment to think about our parents that is above 65 years, babies and people that is sick with chronic diseases because those are the one at risk.

This is the time to come together, show love to one another assist people in need. This is not a time for panic or fake news because this are difficult time and we need to be mentally prepared,


Many people might be infected and will probably not know because of mild symptoms that will easily pass, why some might experience fever, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose, pneumonia and chest pain.


The elderly  ( OVER 65 YEARS )

Adults or elderly with chronic diseases such as, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, cancer, high blood pressure.

What people at risk should do.

• Stay at home as much as possible

• wash your hands frequently

• keep distance to others and avoid crowd

• limit use of public transportation, talk if the distance is not too far.

• don’t spend time with sick people or someone you think might have the virus.

• avoid shaking hands and hugging.