Peppers have so many different types and have been used in many homes for a decade. There are almost no calories in pepper and they are loaded with a lot of nutrition. All the different types of pepper are sources of vitamins A and C, potassium, folic acid and fibre. Pepper gives an exquisite taste to food making it more satisfying.
Peppers come in different sizes, colours and shapes. Some are hot and others are sweet. There is fresh, frozen and dried pepper. Spice can help in the preservation of food due to warm temperatures.
Pepper can help in the digestion of food, it contains antioxidants and other chemicals that can help in digestion as well as healing an upset stomach, reducing stomach gas and diarrhoea.

Contains Capsaicin that helps with anti-inflammatory, hot peppers can help prevent allergies.
Hot peppers are filled with antioxidants that help support our immune system and fight off cold, flu and virus.
Pepper contains metabolic that increases the generation of thermogenic processing in our body that generates heat and utilizes energy, burns calories. It also reduced appetite and helps in weight loss. Pepper helps in reducing joint pain arthritis and spinal pains

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