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In the traditional religion of the Edo, there exists, besides the human world, an invisible world of.


The Edo or Benin people are an Edoid ethnic group primarily found in Edo State, Southern part

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Edo State is known as the heart beat of the Nigeria. It is also known for its hospitality and peaceful cohabitation among neighbouring communities and visitors. The main ethnic groups in Edo State are Edos, Afemais, Esans, Owans and Akoko Edos. Virtually all the groups traced their origin to Benin City hence the dialects of the groups vary with their distance from Benin City

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Igue Festival (also known as the King’s Festival) ia s celebration with its origin in the Benin Kingdom of Edo State, Nigeria.

Most of the ancient art of Benin is royal and honours the Oba, or the King of the Benin Kingdom

Aba Festival in Igarra is a fetival held in every seven (7) years in Igarra land, Akoko Edo LGA of Edo State

Discover a beautiful destination that no one ever talks about. The land of Ososo, Edo state, Nigeria

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