Certificate Of Occupancy (CFO) Processing Stages and key Things You Need To Know.

Certificate Of Occupancy (CFO) Processing Stages and key Things You Need To Know.

Here are few things you need to know before starting the process of registering C.F.O documents. Thanks to Edo state Government that has made this process easy for Edo citizens.

Certificate of Occupancy
A fixed Price is not given for certificate of Occupancy, because things change in the process during application. Location change in Value. Land in commercial hub is more valuable than land in remote areas. Land off the road is less valuable than lands along the road. All of these factors determine the price of your assessment. The farther your property from the city centre, the cheaper your certificate of Occupancy.

Legal Search/Parcel Identification: Legal Search is optional for those who wish to know if their land is genuine, falling on government property or a disputed land.

Documentation Process: Forms are filled, get all the documents of the applicant as seen on the form – Deed of transfer, Oba’s Approval, Survey Plan, Utility bill (that shows the address that is going to be on the C of O) Passport Photograph, Applicant’s Valid, Identification card, Evidence of tax payment, Representative Identification card, NIN Identity card.

For those who have a missing or burnt document, there have to be a police report (If it wasn’t snapped) when the documents went missing. An affidavit is sworn for such missing documents so that in the future, when it is found out that no document went missing or burnt, the Applicant is held responsible.

There is an application cost For those living outside Edo state and in Diaspora, they will pay tax, which is called Development levy. And it’s valid for a whole calender year. Which means for Applicants applying for 2 or more C of O, same development levy can be used for all Application process in same name, within one calendar year. After one calender year, another application for a C of O in the Applicant’s name.

For those living in Edo state, it’s expected you provide a tax slip for state or government officers showing evidence of tax payment to the state government.
If you don’t have, maybe a business man/woman, you go for a tax assessment and then you pay. You are given a print-out which will be submitted at the office.The Application is submitted, the documents are checked at the office and if there is any necessary information, the representative will be called.

Site inspection and Interview doesn’t necessarily come for all applicant. It comes for situations when the survey plan is wrongly done and the level of development on the land (house, well, fence etc)

SRI – Statutory Right of Occupancy – Individual

SRO – Statutory Right of Occupancy – Organization

SRM – Statutory Right of Occupancy (Minor) – For Minors, parents have to stand in for the child. Father or mother’s passport photograph and the minors birth certificate as well as the parents/guardian’s information.

SRC – Statutory Right of Occupancy (Couple) – For couples or 2 persons that wants their names to be on the certificate of Occupancy. – Both persons bring their information but same utility bill, tax slip. But for 2 different persons that are not married, they will both bring their information but will agree on which persons utility bills, address, tax slip to use in this case, one person’s tax slip, utility bill, address will suffice.

Certificate of Occupancy Application .
Processing time for certificate of Occupancy cannot be known due to the volume of applications.Consent form – Consent for subsequent transaction. Consent form is for those already having a certificate of Occupancy already, that sells his/her property and the new owner/individual wants/wish to change the details in the previous certificate of Occupancy to his new name or information.UCI – Update form for change of information. Perhaps the size of the land changed, change in address, any change is done with this form.

Authorized representative- Is for individuals (Applicants) who has someone that is going to represent him/her apply for Certificate of Occupancy. He/her (Applicant) fills the form and sign authorizing his representative to continue with his application on behalf of the applicant. The Applicant fills his details and that of his representative in the form. Address and phone number inclusive.