The Edo dream and success pathway.

The Edo dream and success pathway.

I have heard and read for many years about the America Dream, then I realize that every country has a dream and every one of us have a dream. Every Nation has citizens with common dream.
Just like the American dream; The American Dream is achieved through sacrifice and hard work, rather than by chance.

I am proudly Edo and I have the Edo dream, that brings me to the question of what is the Edo dream? I am not referring to the dream of traveling to American or Europe, erecting big houses or buying expensive cars. I am talking about a dream of social order in the society.

To me the Edo dream is love, hard work, and a successful mindset.

Love: we love our state (Edo State) and our king (Omo N’Oba N’Edo, Oba Ewuare), we are passionate about our communities, families and traditions because it gives us a sense of belonging (we say proudly Edo) it means we are passionate about who we are as a people, what we have achieved and what we represent.

Considering the different generations of Edolites, families has been our dream and passion, family members has been our inspiration. Our love for family sometimes extend more than the love we have for our children, wife or husband. However, we still have great love for our community, state and king.

Hardworking: If there is any way to achieve the Edo dream, is through hard work. Our forefathers were hardworking people who were Bronze Casters, traders, and farmers.
They worked very hard in order to keep their families and communities together.

Here we are in the 20th century still keeping the tradition of hardworking and care for our communities in every way we can. No matter what people say about us, we are focused and serious minded Edo people that work hard on daily bases to contribute to the success of our families and our states.

Success: To many success is wealth but success is more than just more cash in your bank account. To me, Success or been successful is a thing of the mind.

With all the negativity and skepticism around us, a positive mindset is critical to archiving once’s goal.

A successful mindset is when you believe in yourself and think positively that you have what it takes to succeed.
Your mindset will allow you to see different opportunities and steps needed to uplift your life.

A Successful mindset can help in problem solving and being positive.

You cannot be successful when you have a negative mindset of things you do. In order to achieve your goal, your mindset need to go with your inspiration and must be positive in order to become successful.

Few ways to having a successful mindset

* Surround yourself with people that have successful mindset that will affect you positively

* Think of failure as a way of learning

* Redefine your success

* Believe in yourself

* Stop looking at success as getting cash

* Stop negative thinking that comes to the

* Create your own measure of success because life is not about your destination but it’s about your journey

* Keep a positive attitude or energy even when thing has gone wrong

* Encourage yourself and complement yourself and then make sure you are realistic to yourself

* Get yourself inspired by positive things happening around you

* Talk to yourself positively, especially with the unspoken stream of thoughts that runs through your brain.