One of the most joyous festivals of the world, Christmas has finally arrived! Also known as ‘Xmas’, Christmas will be celebrated across the world on Friday to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is a public holiday in most parts of the world and various kinds of religious activities and cultural celebrations are being done to celebrate this festival of joy. Though this festival is primarily observed by Christians, people across the world, irrespective of their religion, celebrate this day with a lot of fervour.

Here’s why Christmas Day is observed on December 25 every year

This auspicious festival is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who was born to Mother Mary and Joseph on this day. Though the exact month and date is not clear, the Western Christian Church celebrates Christmas on December 25 every year.

“Hence it is that He was born on the day which is the shortest in our earthly reckoning and from which subsequent days begin to increase in length. He, therefore, who bent low and lifted us up chose the shortest day, yet the one whence light begins to increase,” legends on why Christmas is observed on December 25 every year.

What is the importance of Christmas?

As per legends, it is believed that Jesus Christ was sent by the God “as a sacrifice” to guide humanity on the Earth and thus is celebrated with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm every year.

How Christmas is celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated by people across the world irrespective of their religion. Pine trees are decorated with candies, candles, colourful bells, stars and gift stocking and delicious meals are prepared on this day. The festival also has special relevance to four colours — white, golden, green and red. Red has a special significance to Christmas as it is the significator of blood shed by Jesus Christ.